Customer demand for large 4-wd tractors drove Buhler’s decision to introduce a new series of Versatile tractors in the 300- to 400-hp range. The new models feature Cummins engines and are available in 305, 340, 375 and 400 hp. They have longer wheelbases, more fuel capacity and bigger cooling packages than previous Buhler models. The standard transmission is a mechanical quad shift that includes four synchronized sequential gears in each of three ranges. A 12 x 2 powershift transmission also is available. Buhler has increased the size of the cab by 8 in. and added new conveniences like a heated active-suspension seat and electronic automatic climate control.

The new 400 model retails for $200,000. Contact Buhler Versatile, Dept. FIN, 1260 Clarence Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 1T2, Canada, 888/524-1003,