AN AWARD-WINNING optics system from Denmark wins our GPS category. The Eco-Dan guidance system won Best of Show at the Agromek Farm Equipment Show in Denmark and an AE-50 award in the U.S. Brought first to California, Eco-Dan is used to cultivate crops at 7 mph. Now Local Positioning Systems (LPS) Inc., Salinas, CA, is bringing the system to the Midwest for field crops.

Eco-Dan uses a digital camera and onboard computer to steer field implements. It takes 25 images per second, sends the images to the computer, and directs a side-shifting 3-pt. hitch to adjust the implement accordingly. LPS reports the system is accurate within one-quarter of an inch. Operators may run equipment up to 11 mph with the system.

Retail price for Eco-Dan is $16,500. Contact Brandt Consolidated Inc., Dept. FIN, 211 W. Rte. 125, Pleasant Plains, IL 62677, 800/252-2905, visit or, or circle 219.


A sharp, color touch-screen monitor designed for precision farming quickly rose to the top of the products in this category. Ag Leader's new Insight monitor has proven to be a top seller, too. David King, Ag Leader marketing manager, says the company doubled sales forecasts for Insight. Growers like the color screen and the maps that show change while it is occurring. While combining, for example, a grower can pull up a hybrid map and paint a yield map over the top of it.

Ag Leader will add more features to Insight in 2005, including direct control of sprayer valves and flowmeter, automatic sprayer boom control and compatibility with Trimble's Autopilot system. Coming soon to Insight will be other features such as direct control of spreaders for granular product application, multiple product application and application reports.

The retail price is $3,995. A complete yield monitor kit with Insight retails for $6,995. Contact Ag Leader Technology, Dept. FIN, 2202 S. Riverside Dr., Ames, IA 50010, 515/232-5363, visit or, or circle 220.