PROCESSING CATTLE is never an easy job, but the new Mobil Cattle Doc (MCD) makes it more efficient. The new MCD can be pulled to any pasture or feeding pen and used to process cattle in their own environment to reduce animal stress.

The MCD comes equipped with a loading system, hydraulic processing chute and built-in hot and cold water systems. An auxiliary 4½-hp generator drives the hydraulic system and a processing chute.

Cost of the MCD with manual tailgate and hydraulic chute is about $29,000. The unit with hydraulic chute and hydraulic tailgate retails for about $40,000. The trailer is manufactured by C&S Cattle Handling Equipment, Garden City, KS. Contact Warren White at 806/578-4325, visit or, or circle 214.


Automatic bale wagons save time in the hay field. Two new self-propelled wagons introduced by New Holland this past summer make the job seem effortless, thus earning the implements the top spot in the feed equipment category.

The BW28 and BW38 feature a new Stack Command control system located in a comfortable cab. The controls include a large digital display with up to 35 preprogrammed stack patterns and 20 custom patterns. The wagons are equipped with a five-speed automatic transmission and two hydraulic systems with three pumps.

The BW28 retails for $124,425 and has a long frame and load rack that handles a variety of two-tie and three-tie bales. The BW38 retails for $121,195 and handles three-bale-wide stacks of 14- × 18-in. or 16- × 18-in. bales. Contact New Holland North America Inc., Dept. FIN, Belleville, PA 17004, 888/290-7377, visit or, or circle 215.