A UNIQUE DEVICE from Capstan Ag Systems allows accurate anhydrous ammonia application in the field. The N-Ject is a liquid fertilizer application system that uses pulse metering to provide even row-to-row distribution. The system works well in variable-rate applications as well as in no-till and ridge/strip-till fields.

The N-Ject uses a specially designed manifold that condenses, meters and distributes anhydrous ammonia without a pump, flowmeter, cooler, regulating valve or special ammonia tank. It pulses high-speed solenoid valves to meter and distribute anhydrous to each knife. The cold knife flow is routed back through the manifold to cool the incoming ammonia, which becomes liquid. The flow is measured and the information is sent to an electronic rate controller, where the operator calibrates the flow, width and speed and sets the target application rate.

Equipping a 40-ft. bar with N-Ject costs about $10,000. Contact Capstan Ag Systems, Dept. FIN, 101 N. Kansas Ave., Topeka, KS 66603, 785/232-4477, visit or, or circle 208.


SMART NITROGEN called ESN takes the top spot in the crop chemicals category. Agrium, North America's largest fertilizer manufacturer, introduced ESN with its patented polymer membrane, a first for the U.S. corn market.

The membrane releases nitrogen as soil temperature warms. ESN may be applied safely in late fall and early spring because the cool soils delay the nitrogen release. ESN release is synchronized with crop need and remains in the crop's root zone where needed and out of water sources.

Murray Hasinoff, marketing manager for Agrium, reports the use of ESN produces 10 to 12 bu. more per acre than the use of standard urea, anhydrous ammonia or UAN. ESN is easily stored and handled and also requires no unusual or large equipment for application.

Hasinoff adds that ESN will be competitively priced. Contact local retailers or Agrium U.S., Dept. FIN, 4582 S. Ulster St., Suite 1400, Denver, CO 80237, 303/804-4400, visit or, or circle 209.