MASSEY FERGUSON, now owned by AGCO, drew a large number of votes with its new 5400 utility tractor line in the under 150-hp category. More new utility tractors were introduced to the machinery market in 2004 than any other type of tractor.

Readers like the Massey Ferguson brand name and features of the new line that ranges from 60 to 90 hp. Massey Ferguson's new 5400 series machines are deluxe utility tractors. They feature a roomy glassed-in cab, synchronized manual shuttle with 16 × 16 speedshift transmission and a Cat. II 3-pt. hitch with electronic linkage control. Optional features include an economy PTO, power-shuttle transmission, creep and super-creep speed control, and special packages for improved visibility and implement control. Attachments include loaders, buckets, grapple fork and round bale spear.

Prices range from $29,755 to $70,585. Contact AGCO Corp., Dept. FIN, 4205 River Green Pkwy., Duluth, GA 30096, 770/813-9200, visit or, or circle 200.


MCCORMICK TRACTORS moved up one size category with the new ZTX series that breaks 200+ hp. The series was released to McCormick dealers in a controlled rollout early last year. Readers showed big interest in the new series that now lets them tackle heavy tillage and row-crop applications.

The new tractors in the series are the ZTX230, ZTX260 and ZTX280, with 185 to 230 PTO hp. All of the models are equipped with a Cummins QSC, 24-valve, 8.3-l engine with full-authority electronics and 24-valve technology. The engine meets Tier II/Stage 2 emission requirements.

The Cummins Accumulator Pump System (CAPS), designed just for this Cummins engine, is installed in the McCormick models. CAPS is a constant-pressure fuel system that controls fuel quantity and injection pressure independent of engine rpm. The result is higher combustion efficiency and an increase in torque. When engine speed is pulled down to increasing load, the engine produces a “power bulge” that increases power output by 15 hp on the ZTX 230 and 20 hp on the ZTX260 and ZTX280.

The ZTX series features a powershift transmission with 18 forward and 8 reverse speeds. The machines also offer a “triple shift” feature that allows an operator to move quickly through the powershift speeds. Standard hydraulics include four electronic hydraulic remotes delivering 40 gpm of flow.

The cab in this new deluxe series doesn't sacrifice comfort or operator performance. A hydraulic cab suspension smooths out the ride for an operator who can drive in climate-controlled comfort.

List prices for the series range from $138,500 to $165,500. Contact McCormick International USA Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 81, Pella, IA 50219, 866/327-6733, visit or, or circle 201.


Growers who dread detaching a combine head to run down the road showed interest in the folding combine head by Harvestec. Common in Europe, folding combine heads are still a novelty in the U.S. But the Canadian company Harvestec hopes to change that with its 8- and 12-row folding corn heads from Europe.

The corn heads fit any brand of Class 7 combine. They feature a two-blade rotary chopper to chop all stalks before they fall to the ground and a large-diameter auger to handle high crop volume.

List price for a 12-row folding Harvestec corn head is $67,800. Contact Harvestec, Dept. FIN, 1124 Mayfair Rd., Oakville, Ontario L6M 1G8, Canada, 905/827-6410, visit or, or circle 202.


John Deere upped the horsepower ante last summer when it introduced the new 9620 and 9620T models, both boasting 500 engine hp. These models are the largest tractors the company has ever built.

Powering the super-sized machines is a 12.5-l (766-cu.-in.) John Deere PowerTech engine that meets Tier II EPA emission levels. In tough conditions, the engine produces a 7% power bulge at 1,900 rpm and a 38% torque rise at 1,600 rpm, which takes it well past its rated horsepower limits. “Their unit-injection system with electronic engine control tailors the torque curve to deliver incredible pulling power,” says Greg Laudick, division manager, marketing, Waterloo Works.

The tractors feature an 18-speed powershift transmission and an automatic powershift (APS) that automatically shifts up or down, based on tractor load. When activated, the APS maximizes the vehicle's pulling performance. Inboard planetary final drives with large-diameter (120-mm) bar axles are featured on the 9620 tractors. The rear axle is pressure lubricated and cooled with the transmission hydraulic system.

List prices are $237,968 for the 4-wd 9620 model and $267,972 for the rubber-tracked 9620T model. Contact your John Deere dealer or contact John Deere, Dept. FIN, 11145 Thompson Ave., Lenexa, KS 66219, 866/993-3373, visit or, or circle 203.


THE NEW KINZE 3650 Twin-Line Conventional planter with individual seed hoppers wins the planter category. This new model features the ability to plant 30- and 15-in. rows with liquid fertilizer, all on the same toolbar. This liquid fertilizer and interplant package is a first for large Kinze planters. The new planter is available in 12-row N (30-in.) and 16-row N (30-in.) sizes.

The liquid fertilizer package features four poly tanks that are mounted across the center section and both wings. The tanks and mounting hardware are installed on a double 5- × 7-in. toolbar frame with heavy-duty hinges. The 4-row (12RN) and 6-row (16RN) wing sections flex 7° up or down when planting and are hydraulically locked for transport. A John Blue piston pump comes with a dedicated, spring-loaded, 7.60- × 15-in. ground drive tire for precise fertilizer distribution.

The Kinze push row units are key to the Interplant System design. The units maximize residue and soil flow between row units while balancing the weight of the row units evenly on both sides of the toolbar.

Suggested retail price for the model pictured is $114,257. Contact Kinze Mfg., Dept. FIN, Box 806, Williamsburg, IA 52361, 319/668-1300, visit or, or circle 204.


The Axial-Flow combine by Case IH continues to draw heavy interest, especially the smaller model that was introduced last May. The new 2377 Axial-Flow combine takes the top spot in the combine category with its AFX rotor, an upgraded grain tank capacity of 190 bu., and 7,947 sq. in. of cleaning system area.

The new 2377 is designed for growers who do not require the large capacity of the 2388 and AFX 8010 models but want similar efficiency and performance. Leo Bose, marketing and training manager for Case IH combines, reports the AFX rotor is key to efficiency. He says, “The tougher the conditions, the more pronounced the advantages in terms of throughput capacity, quieter operation and reduced wear on the threshing components.”

The Case IH 2377 combine is equipped with an 8.3-l (505-cu.-in.), turbocharged, air-to-air aftercooled engine that delivers a 15-hp rise at 2,100 rpm.

Suggested retail price: $177,500 to $229,000. Contact Case IH, Dept. FIN, 700 State St., Racine, WI 53404, 262/636-6011, visit or, or circle 205.


Tillage has turned into an exact science with the new Krause Dominator. This tillage implement handles five jobs in one pass through a field, substantially cutting fuel, labor and time expense.

Krause designed the Dominator to handle Bt corn residue as well as to improve soil tilth and produce a more level fall seedbed, according to marketing manager David Benson. “The Dominator eliminates the need for stalk shredding or disking prior to fall tillage,” Benson says. The first line of tillage on the Dominator is the residue manager system that positions residue for the 25-in. coulters that follow. Then the coulters cut and size the residue just ahead of the deep till shanks. The shanks handle compaction and improve soil tilth. Next, a disc conditioner cuts clods, mixes soil and residue and then levels the soil. Finally, the optional 24/7 conditioner provides final firming and clod sizing.

Prices start at $31,679 for a 12-ft. model with basic equipment. Contact Krause Corp., Dept. FIN, Box 2707, Hutchinson, KS 67504-2707, 800/957-2873, visit or, or circle 206.


When Steve and Brent Mast couldn't find the right auger to handle grain unloading from a trailer, they built it. Now the Illinois brothers are producing the Pit Express for other farmers. The drive-over auger is designed to handle grain unloading from trailers. The auger is integrated into the driver-over pit to make it easy to operate and transport. The pit is mechanical and drives off the PTO of one tractor. Weighing 2,200 lbs., the pit is lifted hydraulically for transport.

Suggested retail price is $7,590 for a 10-in. Pit Express and $8,190 for a 13-in. unit. Contact Mast Productions, Dept. FIN, 7208 Hwy. 96 S., Payson, IL 62360, call Steve Mast at 217/656-4334, visit or, or circle 207.