A NEW FERTILIZER control valve will enable the precise control of liquid fertilizer on new planters equipped with air-actuated clutches. The new, smaller Nozzle Stop pinch valves from Richway Industries are air-operated, too, and quickly stop the flow of fertilizer. The valves are built from glass-filled nylon with an internal rubber-molded sleeve. One valve can be used per row for individual-row control, or a single valve can be used to control a group of rows.

Two sizes are available. A ¼-in. valve works with in-furrow, pop-up application rates and costs $90/valve. A ⅜-in. size works for higher rates of fertilizer application and costs $125/valve. Installation takes 10 to 20 min. per row, according to the company.

Contact Richway Industries, Dept. FIN, Box 508, Janesville, IA 50647, 800/553-2404, visit www.richway.com or www.freeproductinfo.net/fin, or circle 153.