Serviceability is easy on the D series skid loaders. Popping the rear access hatch allows you to get complete access to fuel the machine, as well as check the coolant level, without removing any side panels.  

Another design change is the V-plenum setup where the fan sits at the back of the machine with the coolers in front of it in a V-pattern. This allows the fan to bring air across the coolers with more space and without the stacked effect of most designs.

The reversing fan switch can be flipped in the cab to one of three positions — off, auto and manual. In the auto position, the fan will automatically reverse every 20 min. of operation for 43 sec. to blow out any dirt and debris lodged in the coolers. The fan drive is also hydraulically driven, so the fan will turn only as fast as required to keep the machine cool, improve fuel efficiency and eliminate a lot of the noise of the fan running all the time.        

Engine oil changes are easy with a removable side access door at the rear corner of the machine for the engine oil drain hose. Removing the side panel of the machine allows easy access to the oil filter. Hydraulic oil levels can be checked via a sight glass on the left side of the machine near the hydraulic oil filler cap after the left side panel is removed.   

Another new feature of the D series is the auto idle function. If the machine senses no input of any kind for 5 sec., be it boom movements or motion from the joystick controls, the machine will automatically throttle back to idle. As soon as motion resumes, the machine will return to the engine rpm it was at before.