When a John Deere 328D skid-steer loader showed up at my farm this spring, I first noticed how easy it was to get into the cab. The full cab enclosure leaves plenty of room for a bigger guy to fit inside. It also helps that the door hinges and swings to the side, which is a change from the previous overhead door system on Deere’s skid loader cabs.  

Once you sit down and close the door, the sound quality is impressive. Engine noise is minimal inside the cab. I was so impressed that I called someone on my cell phone to get his opinion. Not only could he not hear the engine running at regular idle speed, but he still could not tell the machine was running when I floored it!  

Another change Deere made with this series was to add an interlocking seat bar to the operator’s station that folds down from overhead and provides a handy armrest while operating the machine. The seat bar is also accompanied by a seat belt, both of which must be engaged for the machine to run.  

The cab has a tremendous field of view at the cutting edge of the bucket. I didn’t need to move forward in the seat to see where the cutting edge was as I started to scrape a feedlot floor. The suspension seat provided an excellent ride across the roughest terrain.

The cab comes with eight air vents for heating and cooling. All of the vents are adjustable and provide an excellent environment no matter what the weather.