Goodyear is investigating a third class of advanced flexion technology called R+, currently used in Europe. Like IF and VF, R+ technology enables a tire to carry heavier loads than a standard radial at the same air pressure, according to Skip Sagar, sales representative for Titan-Goodyear. “But in addition, R-plus will give you ‘plus-ups’ to carry additional loads depending on what field speed you will run,” Sagar says.

He expects R+ tires to be available in the U.S. by first quarter of next year. But, he says, like IF and VF tires, R+ tires will be priced anywhere from 15 to 40% higher than standard  tires. Sagar says, “It is an interesting concept but the question is, Will consumers in North America pay more for these tires, or do they feel the need to, especially in dual applications?”