Michelin Ag created yet another class of high-flex tires called Very High Flexion (VF) when it came out with the Michelin Xeobib radial with Ultraflex technology in 2003. Tires that meet VF criteria can flex 40% more than standard radial tires to allow for reduced air pressures.

The company’s new D-speed-rated Michelin SprayBib radials, launched in July, are the first sprayer tires to feature VF technology (see #8, “Sprayer Tires”). “The new Michelin SprayBib tire flexes more than competitive products, and it runs at significantly lower air pressures,” says Michael Burroughes, director of marketing for Michelin North America Agricultural Tires. “As a result, it delivers a larger footprint with more lugs in the soil, giving you better traction, less slippage, a better ride and the opportunity to get into the fields sooner without damage.” For more information, visit www.michelin-us.com.