Michelin Ag pioneered a new category of radial farm tire called Increased Flexion (IF) when it introduced the Michelin Axiobib tire with Ultraflex technology in 2006. This year Firestone offered its first IF class of tires under the brand name Advanced Deflection Design (AD2) technology.

Tires classified as IF have greater sidewall flexibility than standard radial tires, allowing them to carry loads that are up to 20% greater than the loads standard radials of the same size can carry. “That means the operator can carry heavier loads or add ballast to a tractor without having to raise air pressure in the tires,” Rodgers explains. “Alternatively, they can carry the same weight at a lower inflation pressure to reduce soil compaction.”

In addition, the AD2 tires have a larger footprint that adds traction while helping reduce soil compaction.

Firestone will offer 11 IF sizes for 2011, including the industry’s first row-crop sizes (IF380/90R46, IF380/105R50 and IF480/80R50) and the first rolling circumference index (RCI) 49 and 50 IF sizes (IF480/95R50 and IF850/75R42). For more information, visit www.firestoneag.com.