Wider tires are also in demand. Tire companies say that more farmers are switching out their narrow row-crop sizes for wider tires that offer better flotation. Wide-section or flotation tires, which range anywhere from 2 to 4 ft. wide, distribute the weight of the load across a larger contact area to reduce ground pressure and minimize soil compaction.

Alliance, famous for its flotation tires, offers the wide-base radial 800/70R38 R1-W, designed for high-powered tractors and combines. “The wide-base radial construction of the large tire improves flotation and increases load capacity for the 500-plus-horsepower equipment becoming more common in the industry,” says Alliance Marketing Director James Tuschner.  

The company also released a new line of radial flotation tires, called the Series 388, designed for spreaders, tankers and other heavy agricultural trailers that must split their time between field and road duty. “Being a radial design, the 388 provides improved traction and wear along with reduced soil compaction when compared to its bias counterpart,” Tuschner says. For more information, visit www.atgtire.com.