The module-based AgFleet, from ZedX, offers a range of capabilities to assist with basic field record keeping, creating GIS-based field zones, managing irrigation, grid soil sampling, field scouting, preseason planning, and analyzing the effectiveness of specific field treatments. Because it was originally designed for agricultural retailers, it also includes a module for blending fertilizer.

“From the preseason on, you can track every bit of data throughout the season,” says Nate Taylor, a business analyst at ZedX. The program's scouting module was developed for use with Windows Mobile smartphones. This allows scouting data to be uploaded directly from the field and gives farm operators immediate access to scouting reports.

AgFleet links directly to major soil testing laboratories. This allows soil test data to be downloaded directly to AgFleet, which reduces turnaround time and eliminates data reentry, Taylor says.

An individual annual subscription for the full suite of AgFleet modules is $995. Additional retail and dealer-level subscription packages are also available.