FarmLogic emphasizes mobile convenience, ease of use and anywhere access. Although field records can be entered and accessed with an office computer, the preferred way of adding new information and reviewing existing records is with a Trimble Nomad rugged handheld computer with a built-in camera. The handheld is set up to automatically synchronize records stored on the FarmLogic server computer using a wireless Internet modem or a cellular data communications package.

The Nomad is shipped with FarmLogic software installed, but with no instruction manual. “We made it bone, bone simple,” says Hoyt Choate, a former Missouri Bootheel farmer. “All your history is there. All you have to do is click on it. There's no instruction manual. There are no classes. That's what I was looking for when I was farming hard.”

FarmLogic records key tillage, planting, spraying and harvest information. It is set up to take notes and photos and draws from an online database to allow users to download satellite images of their fields. It automatically downloads crop chemical information needed for EPA restricted-use pesticide reports. The current version doesn't include financial functions, but the company will add them by the end of the year.

FarmLogic, including a Trimble Nomad, sells for $3,340. A Web-only version retails for $1,000. The annual subscription fee is $810, which includes server access, unlimited service and support, plus all software upgrades.