Data management was overwhelmingly the number one hot topic at the InfoAg precision ag conference last week in St. Louis, Mo. Farm Industry News was there, and we found one company that’s addressing the need to keep that data conversation going. DataTHRESH is a new organization that launched its online data forum for farmers just in time for InfoAg.

DataTHRESH is an independent platform where farmers can ask, dscuss and learn about data topics from other farmers and invited experts. And it’s free to sign up. Mike Coon, dataTHRESH founder, says they’re the first to launch anything like this.

Areas of discussion threads include:

  • Farmer data ownership
  • Improving profitability through data
  • Data tools needed
  • Data value, farmer value capture
  • Management zones
  • Precision ag data challenges
  • Coffee break (personal stories)

The company says they aim to help improve farmers’ profitability through the forum. And growers can contribute comments anonymously if they wish.

 In a release, Coon said, “It’s just like earlier times in agriculture when independent farmers worked together for threshing. Today, it’s data that farmers are threshing, and the need to keep as much of the value of that data on the farm as  possible is just as important as it was with grain 100 years ago.”

Visit to sign up.