NFMS: Roving Reporter (and farmer) Scott McPheeters discovers show gems, Part 2


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In his second video, Nebraska farmer Scott McPheeters finds more unusual products and services that most farmers may be able to use.

He talks with reps for ProMan PTO attachment for ATVs,; GVM's automated soil probe system called the Probe 2 Prowler that's loaded on a Bobcat 5600 Toolcat,; silo conversion services from May's Lick Farm Supply, May's Lick, KY, 606/763-6154; a machine to deburr parts by Burr King,; and mower blade replacements by Meg-Mo Systems,  

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Jim Botz (not verified)
on Mar 12, 2011

The Pro Man looks great. We have six acres of rough terrain and other mowers just can't get the edges. I look forward to purchasing one soon.

on Apr 29, 2014

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on May 14, 2014

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