Trimble Navigation offers a new add-on product for the Trimble FMX display that allows a farmer to precisely tile and/or level a field for managing water. The FieldLevel II system uses GPS and GLONASS RTK to accurately determine tile lines and field leveling.

“Controlling a plow with a laser is well known in the industry. Now GPS has evolved to the point that it can give laser-like accuracy,” says John Downey, Trimble. Using the software on the FMX and a couple of components, farmers will be able to tile or level their fields without leaving their tractor cabs to reposition laser transmitters or set stakes.

The cost? “If you start from nothing and add on to get to the FieldLevel system, it costs $30,000 [including FMX, equipment components, software, installation and training],” Downey says. For more information, visit