Case IH says its new Nutri-Placer 940 is the widest anhydrous ammonia applicator in the industry. The new applicator comes in widths of 65 and 60 ft. It features a heavy-duty welded frame with heavy tubing that runs the full length to allow staggered coulters and row units for easy residue flow. The 65-ft. model is supported by 14 wheels, and the 60-ft. model has 12 wheels. Large flotation wheels on a walking tandem support the mainframe for both field and transport. The applicator features a five-section field flex and seven-section fold frame for handling ground contours and easy folding and unfolding. Its transport width is 18 ft. 9 in and height is 13 ft. 9 in.

Price of the 65-ft. model is $102,000, and the 60-ft. model is $94,000. For more information, visit