The new 8300 Agra Trac manure applicator from Balzer positions two liquid manure tanks horizontally on the toolbar. The injectors are located closer to the tractor, resulting in less drift and better control. Sixteen tires distribute the weight to reduce compaction. For road travel, a transport frame and wheels are hydraulically lowered to transport the applicator vertically at a 12-ft. width. The applicator has a total capacity of 8,300 gal. It injects manure in 16-row (30-in. row) or 12-row swaths. A distribution manifold precisely applies manure to each row. A minimum of 375 hp is required to pull the applicator in the field.

Price: $126,000. For more information, contact Balzer Inc., Dept. FIN, Cty. Rd. 27, Mountain Lake, MN 56159, 800/795-8551, or visit