Equipment Technologies redesigned three Apache sprayer models geared to the commercial farmer market. The mechanical-drive self-propelled sprayers may be purchased with either a 120-in. fixed axle or an adjustable axle (120 to 160 in.). The UV product tank is custom molded to fit the chassis. A benefit of the new drive train is improved fuel economy — 9.3% on the AS1020 and 17.4% on the AS1220 at spraying speeds of 12 to 16 mph.

Base price of the Apache 720 model with 750-gal. tank is $155,000. The AS1020 with 1,000-gal. tank is $175,000, and the AS1220 with 1,200-gal. tank is $195,000. For more information, call Equipment Technologies at 800/861-2142, or visit