The 2013 Agricultural Machinery Conference, or AMC, kicks off today in Waterloo, Iowa. At the three-day conference, experts in the field of farming equipment discuss the most important areas of equipment design and development.

James Evans, drivetrain test engineer for John Deere and chair of this year’s conference, says one topic on the agenda is Tier 4 emission requirements, which go into effect in 2014.

“Developing engines to meet these emissions requirement is one of the biggest changes in off-highway machinery requirements ever,” Evans says. “Several of the sessions will be highlighting the changes and technologies that the farm equipment industry has had to work through in the last several years in order to meet these stringent requirements.” 

Evans says other sessions at the conference will detail the technologies needed to increase food production.

“Farmers will need to increase their productivity, while decreasing their total cost of ownership, to meet the food and energy needs of the growing world,” Evans says. “Electronics, automation, and hybrid vehicles are some of the technologies that we will focus on to meet these needs.”

Continued coverage of this event, which runs through Wednesday, can be found here.

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