John Deere, in collaboration with Hillco Technologies also is testing a prototype, using Hillco’s Cob Collection System and John Deere STS (models 9670, 9770 and 9870) combines. The system enables growers to use either a combine-pulled cart or a tractor-pulled cart, depending on the farming operation and field conditions.

Deere reports that this single-pass collection system “maximizes cob cleaning and collection capabilities with minimal impact on harvesting speed and efficiency.”                  

The Hillco system provides flexibility and efficiency in a cob- and biomass-harvesting system, says Scott Jensen, segment manager, John Deere. It features push-button control for turning on and off the collection of the cobs and allows quick, easy changeover between crops. It also  features variable cleaning technology and uses an easy-to-dump cart that can be towed by the combine or tractor.