AGCO Corporation this week launched nearly 20 new products designed for North American farmers. Farm Industry News got a private media preview of these products a few hours before they were unveiled to dealers at the Kansas City, MO, convention center.

This was the largest product launch in AGCO’s history, covering all the major categories of farm machinery. Company execs said the launch gives the message that the company continues to be a formidable player in the North American machinery market, offering a full line of machinery through its family of brands.

We’ll give you an in-depth report on all of these products in future postings on our website. But for now, here’s an overview of the products you’ll see from AGCO in coming months.

New from AGCO for 2012:


  • White Planters 8936-30 Planter on Tracks
  • Sunflower 9800 Series Air Drill
  • Sunflower 9900 Series Air Carts
  • Sunflower 9600 Series Conventional Drill


  • Sunflower 4600 Series Disc Ripper
  • Sunflower 1800 Series Tandem Disc Harrow
  • Sunflower 1700 Series Offset Disc Harrow


  • “All-New” Massey Ferguson 9500 Series Axial Combines


  • Challenger MT500D Series High Horsepower Row Crop Tractors
  • Massey Ferguson7600 Series High Horsepower Row Crop Tractors
  • All new 3 Series front-end loaders for all Challenger and Massey Ferguson tractors


  • Hesston by Massey Ferguson WR9700 Series Self-propelled Windrowers
  • Hesston by Massey Ferguson 2170XD "Extra Density" Large Square Baler
  • Hesston by Massey Ferguson DM1300 Series Butterfly Mower System

Precision farming

  • System 350 Automatic Steering

Chemical applicators

  • RoGator High-clearance Applicators
  • TerraGator High-flotation Applicators

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