The John Deere Gator is one of the most popular utility vehicles among farmers, and the new models released last summer will only increase their popularity. The new XUV (crossover utility vehicle) models are more powerful, faster and more comfortable than any Gator model in the past. The new XUVs include the 825i with a 50-hp engine and top speed of 44 mph, the 855D diesel model with a 25-hp engine, and the 625i-gal. EFI model with a 23-hp engine that tops out at 32 mph.

Even the cargo box was upgraded to deluxe with a hybrid metal and composite material that won’t scratch or rattle. The sides of the cargo box lift off to make the box into a flatbed.

Prices for these XUV Gators start at $11,199 for the 825i; $9,899 for the 625i; and $11,299 for the 855D. For more information, visit