In 2009, John Deere launched the 8R/8RT series, the replacement to its 8030 series row-crop tractors, offering customers more horsepower, good fuel economy, and a redesigned cab with high-end comfort features and 10% more space. Deere revamped the series in 2010 with “smart” tractor features and Interim Tier 4-compliant, PowerTech PSX 9.0-liter engines that deliver up to 360 rated engine hp and 288 PTO hp.

ActiveCommand Steering, a steer-by-wire system used in place of a conventional steering shaft, intervenes in the steering control circuit to improve driving safety and comfort. Other smart features include a new touch-screen GreenStar 3 CommandCenter with integrated guidance and row shutoff and Deere’s telemetry products called JDLink and Service Advisor Remote, which allow for vehicle tracking, remote diagnostics and wireless data transfer.

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