Last fall, AGCO launched a super-sized version of its Gleaner R6 transverse rotor combine called the Super Seven, or S7 for short. Two models, the Class 6 Gleaner S67 and Class 7 Gleaner S77, are rated 314 and 370 hp, respectively, and offer the largest standard grain bin in the industry — 330 bu. on the S77. Owners may upgrade to a 390-bu. bin. A larger processor, called the Tritura, offers more capacity to handle today’s higher-yielding crops.

Powered by a Sisu Power 8.4 CWA-4V liquid-cooled, turbocharged engine equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, the combines are the first to meet Interim Tier 4 emissions standards while delivering a decrease in fuel consumption. At just 31,000 lbs., the Gleaner S7 models are the lightest Class 6 and 7 rotary combines on the market.

Suggested list prices of the Gleaner S7 series range from $319,000 to $365,165. For more information, visit