The new DynaFlex draper header built by AGCO impressed farmers who first saw it a year ago at the fall farm shows. Its unique design allows the crop to flow in head first to produce an even flow of grain. Twin sickle drives are timed and balanced to run quietly. The pressure on the cutterbar may be adjusted from the cab from 8 in. of flexibility to completely rigid. This allows the grower to move the header down very low under the crop to harvest as many pods as possible. The mechanically driven draper features a one-piece reel that eliminates the bunching that often results from a split-reel design, according to the company.

Prices: $81,000 for a 40-ft. model; $73,800 for a 35-ft. model; and $64,500 for a 30-ft. model. For more information, visit,, or