A year ago, Ag Leader and AutoFarm teamed up to develop precision products. The first products released from this venture included the Integra display and Paradyme steering system, which drew lots of attention from FIN readers.

The Integra, originally from Ag Leader technology, features a 12.1-in., color, touch screen with built-in steering and guidance system along with on-screen lightbar. The Integra will operate with the new ParaDyme, which is technology from AutoFarm. Paradyme features a dual-antenna roof module that is easily installed. It includes a suite of precision farming tools, including planter and application controls, mapping and GPS steering. 

Price of the Integra display with AutoSwath is about $4,750. Prices of steering systems range from $6,885 to $23,330 for a top-end system with ParaDyme. For more information, visit www.agleader.com or www.gpsfarm.com.