The new Slingshot from Raven Industries is groundbreaking technology in ag precision communications. It offers cellular-based RTK correction signals plus brand-neutral, high-speed communications. The communications provide always-on Internet and data transfer to a wide range of computers and other mobile devices. A field hub in the cab receives signals and gives Internet access.

Unique to Slingshot is its application programming interface (API) that allows software companies, precision ag equipment manufacturers, and others to use Slingshot to deliver solutions to their customers. This is a first for the ag market, according to Raven’s Kelby Kleinsasser. It is similar in concept to Apple’s approach that allows developers to design and market programs for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

List price for Slingshot Fied Hub is $2,000 plus an annual subscription, which ranges from $750 to $1,500. For more information, visit