Take a look at Google Glass


This week Google announced that for one day - April 15 - anyone with $1,500 in cash to spare could buy themselves a Google Glass. Some farmers have seen this tool at work - at shows or demos; and a few intrepid producers have even joined the early beta tester crowd.

While it may not be ready for Prime Time at that price point - there's talk that a real consumer version will be less when offered for real later this year. And it may make sense to enter the "wearable tech" world with Google Glass as a quick way to capture information or get to key data on the Internet more easily.

But how does it work, and what can a user do with the unit? We caught up with Bruce Rasa, TekWear - a new ag-focused business startup - and he showed us just how Google Glass works. He walks through a few tasks and explains how the system is constructed in a conversation with Jodie Wehrspann, senior editor, Farm Industry News.

His notion is that Google Glass is like a smartphone on your face. Watch the video to get a better sense of how the system works and whether it's right for you. And if you see this on April 15 you could be a buyer. Just check out the Google Glass offer.

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