When the Mix Tank app was launched in 2011, it was solely dedicated to allowing applicators to save proper mix sequences. That was significant at the time, says Jim Reiss, vice president of ag chemistries, Precision Laboratories (makers of the app). No other tool allowed for saving those mixing sequences in such an easy way.

Now, the company is on version 3.5 and has expanded its offerings to help growers manage their application practices. “We get all of our ideas for the next version of enhancements from the users.” Reiss says.

One of those new features is called Mix Sheets, which documents product use rates, field size, spray volume and tank size. And use rates are calculated after entering some basic information. The app also allows for sharing those records from the app via email.

Spray Logs have a stopwatch feature and will record spraying location via GPS, time spent spraying and weather details if you opt for a new weather integration feature.

While the app has always been offered for free, that weather integration does cost $4.99, but that is a one-time fee. It’s an extra layer of real-time weather data that can be added to your record keeping. In the event that a grower faces a claim of spray drift from a neighboring operation, Reiss says having the weather information integrated into your spray logs could be crucial in proving you sprayed during safe conditions. The weather information can also be handy in order to judge whether or not you should spray, or stop spraying, based on changing weather conditions throughout the day.

Other features include Mixing Precautions, which alerts a user of potential tank mixing issues. My Favorites is a place to store your most-used products. And users can also submit feedback straight to the company through the app. The app has 1,600 crop protection products in its database, but if a grower wants to use one that’s not listed, they can submit it through the feedback system and it can typically be added within a few days.

And the app is versatile for either professional or grower applicators. Reiss says individual growers may value the record keeping aspects more than a professional applicator might, but it’s useful for both types of users.

“In both cases – the professional or grower applicators – they all love the ability to get the right mixing sequence so that they don’t create any incompatibility problems in their sprayers that would cause incredible amounts of downtime to clean out your sprayer,” Reiss says.

Mix Tank is offered for iPhone and Android devices. Version 3.5 was launched in November 2013, and the company says it tries to put out a new version once a year. Visit precisionlab.com; download the iTunes version here; or download the Google Play version here.

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