One key issue is that sometimes you need help when setting up a function on the system. The new Command-Center offers contextual help - in other words the right help information comes up for the screen or step you're on. That's faster and better for a user of any system when you have onscreen help at your fingertips.

Funke notes that dealers will hopefully get less phone calls from users at key times of the year because the help is available on the monitor. Having that help more readily available will also allow the user to educate themselves more easily on specific tasks to become better acquainted with what you can do.

You'll note in the photo that there are some keys below the monitor the user can access to perform certain functions. "Those are shortcut buttons that users have for some functions on the monitor," Funke notes. Touch screens and dirty hands don't always work together, this helps out with that situation.

App-like icons, contextual help, fast access menus are all at work in this new control system for the latest John Deere tractors. "We built this fresh from the ground up with easy in mind," Funke says.