ANYONE who has ever grown weary from yanking the cord of a chain saw repeatedly will surely appreciate the Stihl MS 250 C Easy2Start chain saw. It looks much like any other Stihl chain saw, but instead of yanking its cord, the operator pulls it slowly and easily to wind up a spring. At full wind, the spring automatically releases to spin the engine over and bring the saw to life. Starting the 3-hp saw is nearly effortless.

Other features on the Stihl 250 include a quick chain adjuster that requires no tools, quick-stop inertia chain brake, anti-vibration system and purge pump primer that fills the carb with fuel for easier cold starts. The 10.8-lb. saw comes with an 18-in. bar designed for firewood cutting.

Retail price is $399.99. To find the Stihl dealer nearest you, call Stihl Incorporated at 800/467-8445 or visit