Reports of nematode pressure across the Midwest were few in 2010. But there were some hot spots, primarily in the western Corn Belt’s sandy soils. Paul Vaculin, marketing manager, Amvac Chemical Corporation, says there also were hot spots in the sandy soils of central and southern Illinois and southern Indiana.

Agronomists in Pioneer’s Central Business Unit (Iowa and Missouri) pulled samples and developed maps from various nematode hot spots. They have established economic thresholds for treatment and are sharing information with growers. 

“Using Poncho 1250 insecticide, we’ve seen very good control of seed corn maggots, corn rootworm and wireworms, and now, with the addition of Votivo, feeding damage from nematodes can be reduced,” O’Bryan says. “Hybrid selection and crop rotation also can be used to help manage nematodes. When you plant corn on corn, nematode numbers build.”

Treatment options include Counter, the only granular formulation registered for nematode control, and seed treatments, such as Poncho/Votivo and Avicta Complete Corn.

Counter may be applied using Amvac’s SmartBox system, a closed application and handling system for insecticides and nematicides. Counter was changed to a 20G formulation in 2010 so that each fill covers one third more acres than in the past, Vaculin says. The system also may be used to apply Aztec from Bayer, Force from Syngenta, and Smart Choice from Amvac. 

Votivo is a biological that is used along with Poncho in seed treatments. Avicta Complete Corn combines separately registered seed treatments Avicta nematicide, Cruiser insecticide, and Maxim Quattro, a new fungicide containing thiabendazole and the active ingredients in Apron XL, Maxim XL, and Dynasty fungicides.