Crops have been adversely affected by hot, dry weather throughout the spring and summer months in the Midwest. Farm Industry News brings you a compilation of our weather coverage from recent months to provide an overview of how this weather has affected the 2012 corn and soybean crop so far.

Article: Blistering temperatures support higher corn prices

Article: Soybeans close near high of season due to dry weather

Article: Crop insurance in 2012: large payments increasingly likely due to hot weather

Article: Indiana drought worst on crop conditions since 1988

Article: Stress on corn at pollination

Article: Hot, dry weather creates uncertainty in corn prices, supplies

Article: Drought widens and strengthens grip on Indiana

Article: More crops affected as drought spreads throughout Indiana

Article: Spider mites begin to inhabit drought-stressed soybean fields

Article: Recent observations on the tolerance of corn yield to drought conditions