Deciding when to replant a crop that’s been adversely affected by weather, pests or other problems is tough. Now an online calculator will help growers make that decision. A replant calculator is available from Pioneer Hi-Bred on Mobile

The calculator considers original planting date and stand target to determine plant population. Growers then consider possible replant dates and replanting seed and input costs. The calculator presents both scenarios, current stand and replant stand, and provides estimates associated with each choice. As the season moves on, yields decline with delayed planting.

The calculator is available on Mobile in the tools section, which is accessed through the main navigation menu.

"The new replant tool is just that — a tool," reports Chuck Bremer, Pioneer agronomy e-business information manager. "To a great extent, it relies on the grower having a realistic yield expectation and taking the time to enter critical data, from optimum stand to grain price."

The replant calculator is based on a long-standing chart developed by Dr. Emerson Nafziger of the University of Illinois and widely used across the Corn Belt, which illustrates the effects of planting date and plant population of grain yield for the central Corn Belt. The new calculator also takes into account the current shift to higher populations, as suggested by Pioneer research and data.

The calculator is part of a suite of tools available to growers on and Mobile Mobile is optimized for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry and feature phones.

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