Optimum AcreMax 1 received EPA registration in April and will be available for the 2011 growing season. It integrates 90% of seed containing the Herculex Xtra traits and 10% of a hybrid from the same family containing the Herculex 1 trait, which serves as the corn rootworm refuge. A 20% corn borer refuge will still be needed, but could be planted up to ½ mile away.

Optimum AcreMax RW products integrate 90% of seed containing the Herculex RW trait and 10% of a herbicide-tolerant hybrid without biotech insect protection. It may be grown alone or with Optimum AcreMax 1 to fulfill the 20% corn borer refuge that is still required.

Pioneer’s Optimum AcreMax 2 family of products will be available in 2012 pending regulatory approval and will offer two single-bag refuge options — one for growers only needing aboveground protection and one for growers needing both above- and belowground protection. No other refuge will be required for these products.