The AGCO seed and tillage division introduces a new Sunflower 1550 series five-section disc harrow. According to AGCO’s Rick Dugan, this disk is the widest and heaviest in the industry. It is designed for the professional producer who needs to cover a lot of acres, especially acres of tough cornstalks.

The 50-ft.-wide disk weighs 33,300 lbs., which translates to 230 lbs./24-in. blade cutting through the soil. The heavy implement is equipped with walking triple tandems to handle the extra weight. 

The new Sunflower disc harrow also features duplex wing hinges that provide two pivot points on the wings. This feature helps the disc gangs work together while allowing some flex to account for contours in the field.

The disk folds down to 18 ft. 2 in. wide and 13 ft. 11 in. in height. Suggested retail price is $110,000. For more information, visit or, or circle 104.