Five new high-clearance RoGators from AGCO Application Equipment are available for 2011. The new models range in size from 250 hp with a 900-gal. tank to 311 hp with a 1,300-gal. tank.

The main feature of the new RoGators is an all-new drive system with two-piece construction. The system includes a hydraulic motor and a separate gear reduction hub. As a result, AGCO says, the sprayers can deliver more power efficiently and with less wear on hydrostatic components.

Another benefit of the new drive system is that the sprayers can run at lower engine speeds in transport, resulting in lower fuel consumption and a quieter ride. The five new models all have seven speed ranges. Top road speed is 33 and 36 mph. Four boom options are available, from 80 to 120 ft. wide with tip and full boom breakaway.

Base price of a 994 sprayer (900 gal.) starts at $220,000. For more information, visit or, or circle 103.