A STANDOFF on licensing agreements between Syngenta and Monsanto is likely to restrict availability of Roundup Ready (RR) soybeans from Golden Harvest in 2006 and from Garst seed dealers in 2007. At issue is how Syngenta's recent acquisitions of Golden Harvest and Garst will affect various trait licensing agreements with Syngenta's competitor Monsanto.

Monsanto, which controls the patent on RR soybeans, has reportedly decided not to renew its RR soybean licensing agreements with Golden Harvest. In the case of Garst, Monsanto has said it will not renew that licensing agreement when it expires in 2007. So for 2006, the Golden Harvest brand will have no RR soybeans. Garst will be allowed to sell RR soybeans under its brand for another two years until its license runs out. In response, Syngenta will make NK Brand RR soybeans available to Golden Harvest and Garst seed dealers to meet customer demand.