Willie Vogt

Editorial Director, Farm Progress - Penton Media

For more than 30 years Willie Vogt has covered the "hardware and software" of agriculture from hard iron to biotech to crop protection. In this blog he'll deal with issues surrounding the challenges in agriculture from a number of perspectives. Challenge him, comment, and engage. And let's all enjoy the ride.

Posts by Willie Vogt

Purchase deadline approaching

The Section 179 deduction is a beautiful thing, and time is running short to take advantage this year. As for next?....More

UAVs a reality in Europe too

Precision measurement on the fly is appealing, but the rules are astounding....More

Winding down but not overwhelmed

Well-organized display space makes it easy for visitors to sample just what they need at Agritechnica....More

Better safety signs needed? 

Europe may have safety signage right, but is two better than one?....More

Farm show exhibitors work to get visitor attention

At Agritechnica, with so many exhibitors and visitors, companies have to cut through the clutter in interesting ways....More

Familiar faces make trip overseas

You never know who you'll meet when you're traveling overseas....More
Hannover, Germany is site for Agritechnica, a crowd-drawing global event.

Farm show vet makes surprising first trip

Agritechnica has been a kind of 'bucket list' item for me, and that's being checked off next week in a big way. And you can join me, online....More

Tech interest far from waning

Talking with groups the last couple of weeks I'm learning there's a lot to learn. Yet the benefits of that knowledge will bring a big pay-off....More

Tablet wars heat up in time for Christmas

The Apple iPad Air loses a lot of weight, Microsoft pushes the envelope with its Surface line and Nokia enters the tablet business....More

Missing a show, but not for long 

Farm shows bring their own individual style, and when you miss a regular it's a challenge. But another one always comes along....More