Willie Vogt

Editorial Director, Farm Progress - Penton Media

For more than 30 years Willie Vogt has covered the "hardware and software" of agriculture from hard iron to biotech to crop protection. In this blog he'll deal with issues surrounding the challenges in agriculture from a number of perspectives. Challenge him, comment, and engage. And let's all enjoy the ride.

Posts by Willie Vogt

4 features needed for autonomy to succeed

The vision some have of driver-less tractors working the land isn't an overnight happening, though it may be closer than many of us think....More

Some thoughts about food, and technology

We're entering the official holiday season, and while it starts with Thanksgiving, for our family it involves plenty of great eating through the....More

Immersed in tech

Big tech event last week showed off an interesting tool with a range of applications - it's augmented reality....More

Where do scientists find novel tools?

In the biotech world, you never really know where a new idea will turn up. For example, soured milk could be worth millions....More

Making the right argument

In the discussion of biotechnology, a new effort by key commodity groups talks benefits not science. Their argument: Moving away from biotech is a....More

A hurricane, a farm structure maker and the future

Haiti devastation shows better buildings needed, an ag structure maker has a solution that proved it could stand up to a hurricane....More

Permission to farm

There's an interesting, and loud, group of detractors out there for any use of tech in ag. It may be your biggest challenge....More

A passion for pulses

Around the world they call them pulses, here in the U.S. we call them beans. Either way Irvin Widders is enthused about the potential for this....More

Mergers, acquisitions and the future

Latest news from Bayer-Monsanto shows continued shakeup of the ag industry where a lot of forces are at play. A little perspective....More

The rise of digital farming

Data-focused agriculture is no longer a new idea, but there are still new ways companies want to engage you and your farm's information....More