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in Farm Industry News Blog Dec 19, 2012

Abundant hay, continuing drought, mineral feeder

A normal year for growing hay is cutting three to four times a growing season. The drought year of 2012 produced five cuttings of alfalfa. The....More
in Farm Industry News Blog Dec 03, 2012

The drought is not over

There is a wire, ear-corn crib in our pasture that I drive by at least a dozen times a week.  Today I noticed that is was empty, and has been....More
in Farm Industry News Blog Sep 04, 2012

Crop insurance yields: 59, 79 and 208 bu./acre

All head are up in western Illinois thanks to hurricane Isaac. Kent's head is up enjoying the slow steady rain. The head is up on our....More
in Farm Industry News Blog Aug 14, 2012

Where’s the corn?

Wikipedia defines "corn" as a cereal crop with no mention of kernels.  So I can honestly say that I am feeding my cows "chopped....More
in Farm Industry News Blog Jul 31, 2012

My U.S. corn yield prediction: 120 bu./acre

As mentioned a couple weeks ago, what is being reported in the media is probably worse than the reality of the drought and its effect on the U.S....More
in Farm Industry News Blog Jun 07, 2012

High school graduation on the farm

Marie has graduated from high school! Graduation is like a milepost passed by along the pathway of life. Marie's graduation class started....More
in Farm Industry News Blog Jun 04, 2012

Crops off to good start while dry weather persists

It is much easier to have a good finish when one gets off to a good start.  The 2012 corn crop is certainly off to a great start. Our....More
in Farm Industry News Blog Apr 23, 2012

Very early planting in Illinois

Most years I plan to begin planing YC between April 15 and 25 and be finished by May 10. This year I will have all of our corn planted by April 25....More
in Farm Industry News Blog Mar 21, 2012

Air conditioning needed first day of spring

Two air conditioners need repairing; two mowers need to be out of the shed; three pasture fences need fixing; one garden needs tilling;....More