Jeff Ryan is Guy No. 2 in the operation of Two Guys Farming, Inc., near Cresco, IA.

Jeff farms during the day, but in the evening he e-mails his observations about life on the farm to his city-dwelling friends. He weaves these observations into entertaining stories that are sure to bring recognition, sometimes tears, but mostly a few smiles and outright belly laughs.

Posts by Jeff Ryan

in Farm Industry News Blog Jan 10, 2014

That comes with delivery

Iowa farmer Jeff Ryan ventures out into the cold with his tractor to rescue a delivery van in the ditch....More
in Farm Industry News Blog Dec 16, 2013

Round bales at 200 miles per hour

Iowa farmer Jeff Ryan tackles a major baling project....More
in Farm Industry News Blog Nov 11, 2013

She’ll just wing it

Guy No. 2's mother Elsie impresses the family with her spice tolerance....More
in Farm Industry News Blog Sep 30, 2013

The ultimate honey-do list

Jeff Ryan takes readers through another adventure on his Iowa farm as he embarks on a mission to find a good place to extract honey....More
in Farm Industry News Blog Sep 05, 2013

Ranger Rick enters my 57-step rehab program

Guy No. 2 battles a critter on his Iowa farm....More
in Farm Industry News Blog Aug 08, 2013

With a side of raspberry air and lemon snow

Jeff Ryan reflects back on his culinary adventures at Disney World's Flower and Garden Festival....More
in Farm Industry News Blog Jul 15, 2013

Step right up, up and away!

Iowa farmer Jeff Ryan takes a well-planned summer break to take an adventure of a lifetime in a tiny plane in Alaska....More
in Farm Industry News Blog Jun 07, 2013

Hay 9-1-1

Iowa farmer Jeff Ryan gives a look into the wild hay market....More
in Farm Industry News Blog May 06, 2013

All in the family: Iowa farmer's adventures in Florida

A Cresco, Iowa, farmer documents his travel adventures on a recent vacation to Florida....More
in Farm Industry News Blog Mar 25, 2013

Under consideration

If you have paid attention to these stories over the years, perhaps you’ve noticed that one particular vacation destination of mine shows up a bit....More