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Viewing farming from a new angle for 2014

Growers are spending cash on unmanned aerial vehicles and high-end video cameras and they're documenting their work.

We've become a visual culture and farmers are no different. Smart phones, or high-end video cameras allow us to snap quick pictures of ourselves known as selfies, and you're documenting the 2014 season in new ways too. I took a little time to round up a few videos from drones or using other tools to share, which you can watch on the next few pages.

The trend is to show the farm at work from new angles and new ways, some use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), some use a high end camera called a GoPro, which can be connected anywhere to capture images. The first video is a GoPro effort from Indiana. And if you need to know more about UAVs, check out the range of tools available.

Aaron Bobeck is a Google+ acquaintance who captures interesting video on the farm. Based in Indiana, Bobeck has posted an interesting planting image from this planting season - in fact it goes by pretty fast. He uses the GoPro camera to capture planting from a different angle.

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