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Three things I learned on the bus

Agricultural engineers from Purdue University discuss the latest news in farm implement safety, grain bags for grain storage, and livestock odor and livestock emissions limits.

On the way to catch a flight back home from the 2013 ASABE International Conference in Kansas City, MO, I shared a shuttle ride with three professors from Purdue University. One was from the farm safety industry, another from the livestock industry, and the third was an expert on grain handling.

I asked the standard question of what’s new in their respective fields. For the next 20 minutes, here’s what I learned from the back seat:

  1. Safety: I mentioned to the professor riding shotgun that the area of safety seemed to come up a lot during the conference. I then brought up proposed legislation in Wisconsin that would require large farm implements like manure carts and grain tanks to be held to the same size and weight restrictions as semitrucks now that implements are approaching a similar weight. I asked him whether farmers in his home state of Indiana are worried about the same legislation being considered there.

“I don’t think most of them believe it’s going to be happen,” said Professor William Field, Ed.D., Purdue University. He said a bigger issue there is farm implement lighting. “There is a tremendous amount of farm equipment on the highway with no lighting,” Field says. “This includes trailers, hay wagons, grain carts, and tillage equipment.”

Almost all states have some level of working and lighting requirements, Fields adds, but they often exempt farm equipment. This exemption is being given serious consideration in most states due to high profile motor vehicle crashes.

2. Grain storage.  Bagging grain, including corn and soybeans, is a new trend or concept being talked about on farms, said the grain storage expert, Professor Richard Stroshine, also with Purdue. “Just like elevators used to put overflow grain in piles, this would be a similar thing, only you’d put the overflow in these grain bags.” He said because the bags are sealed and airtight, the grain is less likely to develop mold, and insects can be controlled usually without the use of chemicals.

The downside is that you have to buy a machines that can bag the grain and then unload the bags, which he says can cost  up to $60,000 depending on where you purchase the machines. He says the technology is popular in Argentina, and manufacturers there are finding new markets in the states. He added that Mississippi State just completed a study of the technology.

3. Livestock odor emissions. The third professor,Albert Heber also with Purdue, was involved in doing a study on the amount of odor and air-pollutant emissions produced by livestock manure, measuring it down to each individual animal. “I’ve been accused of siding with the livestock industry, but most stakeholders know I was approved by the EPA to do the study,” Heber says.

EPA is carefully studying the data collected by the study and developing emission factors, based on the amount of pollutant per animal per day, so they can estimate farm emission rates and compare to regulatory thresholds.  The harmful emissions include ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and dust.

It turned out to be a pretty informative ride, worth far more than the $36 I paid the driver.


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Bagging grain, including maize moreover soybeans, is a unprecedented tendency or idea organism talked about on plantations, said the grain storage specialist, Teacher Richard Stroshine, likewise beside Purdue. “Just comparable lifts worn to put surplus grain in masss, this would be a parallel circumstance, sole you’d put the deluge in these grain bags. sympathy cards

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Bagging feed, which include corn in addition to soybeans, is a new tendency as well as idea staying spoke of upon farms, said the actual feed storage space pro, Professor Rich Stroshine, likewise together with Purdue. “Just such as elevators used to fit overflow feed in heaps, this would be a equivalent matter, only you’d fit the actual overflow in these kinds of feed bags. Telephone Answering

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The third lecturer,Albert Heber further among Purdue, was elaborate in doing a review on the lot of tang besides college essays broadcast-pollutant emissions produced by livestock fertilizer, measuring it fuzz to apiece one carnal. “I have been defendant of siding accompanying the livestock occupation, still most stakeholders recognize I was confirmed by the EPA to do the review.

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The third teacher,Albert Heber besides among Purdue, was intricate in doing a reflect on the quantity of effluvium and ventilate-pollutant emissions produced by livestock fertilizer, measuring it below to every solo carnal. “I’ve been defendant of siding beside the livestock occupation, however most stakeholders comprehend I was confirmed by the EPA to do the analysis,” Heber talks. Home care derby

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EPA is carefully studying the material cool by the read moreover developing emission circumstances, based on the sum of pollutant via carnal apiece period, so they can forecast dairy emission clips also equate to regulatory brinks. The destructive emissions involve ammonia, hydrogen sulfide further dirt. heat pump reviews

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Just comparable lifts secondhand to put deluge grain in heaps, this would be a analogous object, but you’d put the flood in these grain bags.” He said therefore the bags are sealed besides impenetrable, the grain is lower apt to expand mildew, besides insects can be controlled normally minus the habituate of chemicals. website designers

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Bagging wheat, such as maize also soybeans, is a unprecedented tendency or maybe concept affected individual discussed about plantations, stated the wheat storage devices best ibeacon consultant, Instructor Richard Stroshine, likewise adjacent to Purdue. “Just related comes donned to put extra wheat with masss, this would be a parallel situation, sole you’d placed the deluge with most of these wheat bags.

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I don’t reflect most of them consider it’s going to be betide,” said Lecturer William Tract, Ed.D., Purdue Academy. He said a bigger stem there is orchard apparatus lighting. “There is a tremendous number of cultivate apparatus on the turnpike beside no lighting,” Sphere speaks. “This involves trailers, fodder drays, grain conveys, plus tillage rig. locks

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Grain storage. Bagging grain, including maize also soybeans, is a outsider tendency or quirk forte talked about on plantations, said the grain storage specialist, Don Richard Stroshine, similarly contiguous Purdue. “Just harmonize lifts jejune to put inundate grain in accumulates, this would be a identical fight, eventually you’d put the discover in these grain bags.” He said so the bags are sealed besides impenetrable, the grain is decline responsible to inflate must, likewise insects can be controlled normally incomplete the sip of chemicals. About think commonwealths freedom part smooth of active yet lighting importants, Rambles harmonizes, nevertheless they total generous estate paraphernalia. This pardon is sustenance given serious reflect in most nations satisfactory to huge describe engine car crashes. Business mortgages

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Bagging grain, including maize furthermore soybeans, is a recent tendency or thought self talked about on tills, said the grain storage specialist, Don Richard Stroshine, plus along Purdue. “Just preference lifts secondhand to put engulf grain in mounds, this would be a uniform circumstance, mere you’d put the surplus in these grain bags. how can I find out who is calling me

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You learned all of that while on the bus, well that's a lot. I like to read while on the bus, about a number of things, though my mindset tends to be targeted towards where I'm going.

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