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Team FIN Report: Daryl Bridenbaugh travels Ohio to report on seed farms, wind farms, and new Tier 4i-compliant tractors

Team FIN field editor visits Penn State farm show and shares his first impressions of Tier 4i-compliant tractors. He also provides a report on wind farms and seed farms as he drives through Ohio.

Field editor and Team FIN product tester Daryl Bridenbaugh offers this report for the week of Aug. 28, 2010:

I've run a lot of errands in the last couple of weeks.  I picked up my new grain dryer at the Brock dryer factory in Frankfort IN.  As soon as I left my home in Pandora OH, the crops became poorer.  The areas around Delphos, Van Wert and Fort Recovery OH usually have beautiful crops, but this year the heat and drought really hurt them, especially the corn and hay crops.  A huge mass of windmills were installed between Van Wert and the IN border.  It was startling to see them gracefully rotating.  My guess is that there were 200 of them.  Several more of these wind "farms" are planned in NW Ohio.  In Indiana I went through the seed producing country.  I could tell that the fields were not looking up to par.  I have heard that much of the seed will need to be grown in South America this winter.  I traveled east a week or so later to central Pennsylvania.  I needed a part for a hay rake that I couldn't find anywhere else.  Also, I visited relatives and the farm show at Penn State University.  I got my first look at the new John Deere 7000 series tractors.  One thing I noticed is that about 50% of the top of the hood is perforated screen to help vent the intense heat that the Tier 4 Interim engines create.  That kind of heat scares me.  The crops looked excellent from Findlay OH on eastward.  Just about everyone had plenty of rain and the lawns were green.  I have been looking at some of my early planted fields and found the ears to be only 1/3 filled.  The other 2/3 is empty cob.  The heat and drought were too much for those fields.  The later fields and soybeans are still growing.  So hopefully they will produce decent yields.  Harvest is not going to be early this year since we didn't finish planting until June 9.  Daryl Bridenbaugh, field editor and Team FIN product tester for Farm Industry News

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