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Synthetic oil steps up its purity level

Team FIN farmer Daryl Bridenbaugh talks with Shell at World Ag Expo about advances made in synthetic oil in recent years.

In the Shell booth I listened to a talk on Pennzoil Platinum synthetic oil made from natural gas. (Pennzoil is a division of Shell.) I was told that this is the first major improvement since synthetic oil was invented. It is a process that has been perfected over the last 15 years. The oil is so pure that it is colorless before additives are put in it. They said nothing equals it as far as boosting fuel economy, wear prevention, and keeping an engine clean.

They said it will be in Walmart stores soon; I checked my store and I found it. It clearly says on the front of the plastic container that it is made from natural gas. I double checked by calling the company and they said yes, that is the oil they were talking about at the show. Interestingly enough, it was priced at $25.64 for a 5 quart plastic container which was identical to the regular Pennzoil Platinum synthetic and its major competitor, Mobil 1.

I asked the company person why it was not more expensive and he said that it is because of the abundance of natural gas currently available with all the fracking being done. He said that the current formula is just for gas motors but a Shell Rotella formula will be available soon for diesel equipment. This is something that I will use in my car and gas truck when I change oil the next time.

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