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STAR Energy to review month of E15 sales

Iowa's STAR Energy has been selling E15 for about a month. Jason Stauffer, the company's manager, Retail Fuels Marketing and Business Development, will be reviewing sales of E15 and other higher ethanol blends at STAR Energy's Fort Dodge, Iowa station. Early feedback from consumers about E15 has been positive, he says.

On January 4, STAR Energy will have been selling E15 at its fuel station in Fort Dodge, IA, for a month. At this time, Jason Stauffer, manager, Retail Fuels Marketing and Business Development, STAR Energy, will review sales of E15, as well as E10, E20, E30 and E85 to get a clearer picture of how higher ethanol blends are going over with area consumers. “We are currently selling approximately 1,000 gallons of E10 and between 400 and 500 gallons of E15 per day,” Stauffer says.

The decision to add E15 was easy for STAR Energy, which already had blender pumps in place, Stauffer said. “We also wanted to give consumers another choice.” He adds that some consumers have reported that they get better fuel economy with E15 than E10 because of the higher octane level (89 vs. 87). “For motorists driving a 2001 or newer vehicle, E15 gives them another option with the added benefit of higher octane,” Stauffer said.

STAR Energy’s Fort Dodge location is the fourteenth registered E15 station in Iowa, according to the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (Iowa RFA). For an updated list of fuel stations offering E15, visit Stauffer is working with the Iowa RFA and the Iowa Corn Promotion Board on a direct mail piece to communicate the benefits of E15. This literature will also provide consumers information about what vehicles can use E15 and the availability of this fuel blend in the Fort Dodge area.



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