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With a side of raspberry air and lemon snow

Jeff Ryan reflects back on his culinary adventures at Disney World's Flower and Garden Festival.

Doctor's orders. That's why I go with prescription-strength ganache whenever I can. More people should, in my professional opinion. 

Sherill went with a seasonal berry gratin with a Champagne-Grand Marnier Sabayon. How many times have you been at a farmers market fruit stand and said to yourself as you picked up your succulent fruit, "You know what this needs?  MORE BOOZE!!!"   

Thought so. 

By the time we were done, it was far and away not the cheapest meal we'd ever had. This wasn't a cost issue, though. This was about value. We definitely got tremendous value out of the experience. I mean, where is a hillbilly like me ever going to find food like that so easily again? 

Okay, okay, I know where. Thanks to the Internet, I know when, too. Epcot Food & Wine Festival starts on September 27th and runs through November 10th. After a huge price drop yesterday, I just bought my plane tickets last night. 

There's a food frontier out there. I need to explore it.          

Guy No. 2


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